The film tells the story of a human soul and its wanderings in the afterlife, in a simple and clear way. The screenplay is based on written experiences of mystics who received a grace of being visited by souls from purgatory, and even for a moment were able to see heaven, hell and purgatory. The topics discussed in the film will focus on both souls still living in the human bodies and those that have already left the earthly world. By presenting real situations of the souls suffering in purgatory, it will help us understand the meaning of prayer for the dead, and what our target in the earthly life should be. The film will also be a source of relevant knowledge of the subject, as well as a visual and musical feast for anyone who would sit in front of the screen. Extensive experience of experts will give a broad view on aspects related to the topics of a human soul, death and life after death in heaven, hell or purgatory.

The message of the film “Souls” will get everyone to think about the topic, without any pressure or confusion involved. We perfectly understand that even the most important knowledge must be presented in an accessible way, that’s why we are going to take you to an amazing film story.


This name appeared in the Polish film production and distribution market for the first time in 2013. It was then that Michał Kondrat’s debut documentary “How to beat Satan” was created, i.e. the interviews with the greatest Italian exorcists of our time, screened by nearly 100 cinemas, and which in spring 2014 received the Grand Prix of Europe’s largest International Film and Catholic Media Festival in Niepokalanów.